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KungFu Grandmaster Conducts Exciting Seminars on Self-Defense, Martial Arts, and More

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New Orleans, LA, Nov. 29, 2015–Shaolin Chan and KungFu Grandmaster Shi DeRu will conduct seminars on topics ranging from conscious communication, women’s self-protection, and KungFu close combat SanDa to certain ways to run a successful KungFu school and natural health care center in the US. The lectures will be held at Shaolin Institute, New Orleans campus Dec. 10 through Dec. 13.
The seminars coincide with the Dec. 12 Shaolin Chan KungFu Legacy – US Open Challenge XXVII which is hosted by the KungFu SanDa Federation (KSF), a division of Shaolin World Federation along with Shaolin Institute, and other organizational sponsors. The event, which is open to all schools of martial arts, will take place at the Carver Theatre on December 12, 2015, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The morning format of the event includes all levels of Kung Fu and Tai Chi as well as Kung Fu San Da amateur competitions. The evening main event includes K. SanDa/Sanshou, the Shaolin Legacy Show, and internationally recognized KungFu students and masters’performances. To purchase tickets online, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meditation-session-tickets-19760027775

Shaolin World Federation and New Orleans’ campus of Shaolin Institute, will co-host the three-day seminar event. The first seminar of the meditation series focuses on conscious communication, speech and meditation. Meditation has been shown to have many health benefits such as release anxiety, depression and high level of stress related disease. Following that is a seminar on women’s self-protection.

All seminars will be held at Shaolin Institute, New Orleans campus on 1995 Gentilly Blvd. STE C1 New Orleans, LA 70119

Shaolin Institute, New Orleans’ campus has hosted many masters’ seminars in the past ranging from the worldwide most well-known Wushu Grand Master Wubin (Jet Li’s teacher), Shaolin Grand Master Shi DeYang, Shi DeRu’s Kung Fu brother (the most famous traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Master), Shi DeQian, internationally renowned Shaolin Master, to New Orleans native Patrick Barry, a senior student instructor and former well-known UFC fighter, and Cung Le, a senior student of Shaolin Institute and worldly renowned UFC fighter and movie star.

The Shaolin Chan Foundation is a nonprofit organization, section 501(c)(3), that is operated under the name of the SWF (Shaolin World Federation), which is dedicated to promoting Chan living, cosmic intelligence of conscious universe Qi, natural health and martial arts.

Following is a list of each day’s seminars:

12/10/15, Thursday, 7: 00 PM
Chan Meditation on Conscious Communication
Target participants’ are all who wish to be calm, harmonious, happy and healthy
12/10/15, Thursday, 7:45 PM
Women’s self-protection, 2 ounce vs 2000 lb
Target participants: ladies ages 14 and up wishing to have safety and be able to protect themselves; http://www.eventbrite.com/e/womens-self-defense-age-14-only-7-2oz-vs-2000lbs-tickets-19759640617

12/11/15, Friday, 6:00 PM
Law enforcement and uniformed close combat tactics training
Target participants: Police, Sheriff Deputies, Security guards, privateer, law enforcement, and anyone interested in defending themselves
Seminar is applying tradition Kung Fu applications in a real world law environment of law enforcement to subdue perpetrators while exerting little energy. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/law-enforcement-training-using-kung-fu-philosphy-tickets-19760489155

2/11/15, Friday, 7:00 PM
SanDa/SanShou (Chinese Kickboxing) Training with a Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster
Target participants: Adults and Teens who are interested in high level of combat training including MMA and kickboxing competition as well as efficient self-defense
Many know Cung Le from UFC and fighting in the ring, but few know he trained in Sanshou under the Shaolin Institute’s Kung Fu Grand Master Shi DeRu. Master DeRywill be hosting a 1-hour training on Sanshou. Join us in the rare opportunity! Only 20 spots available! http://www.eventbrite.com/e/sanda-chinese-kickboxing-training-with-a-shaolin-kung-fu-grandmaster-tickets-19760447029
12/13/15, Sunday, 9:00 AM
How to run a successful Kung Fu school and natural health care center in the US
Target participants are for all interested in teaching KungFu and Health and Natural Healing, topics includes financial sustainability, organization efficiency, teaching methods, communications and more.

For more information on 2015 Shaolin Chan KungFu Legacy – seminars and US Open Challenge shows, call 504-835-1877, www.ksfworld.org, and www.shaolin-world.net.

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